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Editing and modifying a group

Editing and modifying a group

You can modify work groups you have created at any time, adding and deleting members of the group.

You can only modify the groups you are in charge of – in other words the groups you have created – and which appear in the Group Manager in a green frame.


Also if your are in charge of a school or any other organisation, you can select the option of listing groups from “My organisation” so that you can access all your organisation's  groups. Now you can go in and edit and modify all the groups created by your students and contributors at the organisation you head although you do not belong to them.   

Be careful! For security reasons, you cannot edit group work while a group project is already in the process of being edited! Imagine trying to get rid of Peter at the same time as he is editing a project for the group!


You can edit and modify a group from Documenta's Group manager.

In order to do so, open the project in edit mode. In the pull-down menu find the different management options and select Group Manager. A window with a list of all the groups you participate in will open.

Double-click on the icon corresponding to the group you want to modify. A panel will open containing information related to the group and you can now modify it.

The name of the group and the person in charge will appear in the border at the top of the window.In the field on the right of the window is a list of all group members. Members are ordered according to the organisations they belong to and the heads of these entities are indicated as well as all participating students or contributors.


In this panel you can:

change the name of the group

add members:

From a group of your students, select a student from the pull-down window and click on the “Add member” button.

If the group is made up of a number of users from different organisations you have to enter the postal code or login of the people you are looking for first. Select the organisation and then immediately afterwards its members. Now click on the “Add member” button.

Remember that all Documenta's pull-down menus are also search engines. If the person or organisation you are looking for does not come up, enter their name and press INTRO immediately and Documenta will locate them.


 deleting members:

Select a name from the list of group members and click the delete button.


 granting or withdrawing publishing permission for students:

In order to grant a group member permission to publish, select them from the member's list and click on the “Permission to publish projects” button.

The words “Permission to publish” will appear in red next to the selected member's name.

To withdraw publishing permission go through the same operation: select the student and click on the “Permission to publish” button. The words “Permission to publish” will disappear from the selected member's name.