Documenta Creaciones multimedia Avanzadas SL,

Tax address: AVDA BRASIL, NUM. 29 28020 MADRID

Headquarters in Barcelona: Calle de Belén 22, 08012 Barcelona

VAT number B65513475


Object of the contract

Use of the MyDocumenta platform http://www.mydocumenta.com .


This implementation will be carried out through:

• License. The creation of a license to use MyDocumenta. This modality offers access and use of the MyDocumenta online platform for the number of contracted users.

• 24x5 technical support service throughout the duration of this contract.


Conditions of the contract


Duration: The contract begins with the acceptance of the user, and has a duration of one calendar year.


Price: The price is the one indicated for each product / service (VAT separately)


Form of payment: by bank charge through BBVA secure web platform.


Contract renewal: This is an annual contract and it’s renewed automatically every year. Your cancellation must be communicated by email, address: mailto:contact@mydocumenta.com, at least 30 days in advance of the date scheduled for renewal.


Other general conditions

Administration of the license: the client will be provided with an administrator password in order to access a personalized administration panel of the license and of the users. Likewise, all the necessary support will be offered for the creation and management of the environment.

User access: each user will have an access code, which can be modified through a data management panel. The key is personal and individual and allows access exclusively to the user to whom it is assigned.


DOCUMENTA SL allows access and contribution of third-party content in accordance with the conditions set forth herein and the applicable regulations.

Documenta S.L. is not responsible for the originality or ownership of the content provided by the client and for each of the users operating with the license of the contracted center.


DOCUMENTA SL does not verify the legitimacy of use of the contents for those who contribute them.


Personal data, and especially those of minors that the client can provide, must have the express consent of those affected and, where appropriate, their legal guardians.


The customer exempts DOCUMENTA SL from any liability arising from the publication or reproduction of this data and / or content including images.


The customer assumes full responsibility with respect to any ownership claim made by third parties regarding the intellectual property of the content provided and its sending and integration into the receiving platform implies confirmation of the originality and ownership of own rights on this content.


Barcelona, ​​ 2017 October 30