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The lifelong learning eportfolio offers a longitudinal view of the students' skills acquired, achievements and results.
It support competencies-based learning and evaluation and it allows students to collect and show all their works, in any format.
It facilitates the work of the teacher by providing easy tools for a personalised follow-up and competencies assessment.

Tutorials for the centers participating in the European Project CRISS

Acquisition, evaluation and certification of the students’ Digital Competence, through his Lifelong learning Eportfolio

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Improvisa - Mydocumenta

The objective of the IMPROVISA AV project is the prototyping and validation of a cloud application, a set of tools aimed at cultural, artistic and heritage organizations, enhancing them to engage users and communities, and understand the impact of their actions, as well as their behaviours, needs, and preferences.
The IMPROVISA tool is a highly rich, imaginative and fun multimedia environment that promotes the creation and exchange of content, exploiting the creative potential of digital technologies.
Subsidized by the Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte, Ayudas para la Modernización, Innovación y Creación de las Industrias Culturales y Creativas de España mediante proyectos digitales y tecnológicos – 2019 (327/860)
An innovative and scalable eportfolio ecosystem to improve the quality and visibility of Students’ Skills.

African economies are growing and technological change is the engine of growth. To sustain growth, however, African students need new skills, education and knowledge to match the challenges and technology of tomorrow, the skills and capabilities employers will demand and markets will prize in the future.
EPICA Initiative is bringing together businesses, organisations and universities in both Europe and Africa to bring an innovative, scalable eportfolio, which improve the quality, visibility and availability of new skills.
Flexibility is one of the priorities of the Eportfolio that, starting from the current MyDocumenta Eportfolio, is developing within the framework of the EPICA Project. It has to respond to new pedagogical approaches of competency-based learning, and, in particular, the key competences for work, including entrepreneurial skills. Interview to Cristina Casanova and Andrea Contino,
creators of MyDocumenta Eportfolio
Co-founded by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme by the Europeann Union
Upgrade - Mydocumenta
Innovative assessment methodologies for cooperative learning at primary schools.

The UPGRADE project is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership aimed at developing, piloting and validating an innovative framework and tool for the assessment of cooperative learning. UPGRADE will combine a suite of different, interconnected assessment methods (teachers’ evaluation, self-evaluation, peer-review, group evaluations), integrated in an eportfolio that allows teachers to visualise, follow-up and assess students and help students to regulate their own learning.
The project is coordinated by MyDocumenta and brings together a university, an SME, a public institution and 6 schools from 4 EU countries. The project is expected to provide teachers with the methodology and tools to assess cooperative learning, to enhance inclusive education through cooperative learning and offering equal opportunities to all students to participate in an international experience.
Agreement Nr: 2019-1-ES01-KA201-065042
Project Card:
DIMAS Digital MArketing at Secondary schools

Ref 2019-1-ES01-KA201-065134

The DIMAS project aims at the acquisition of new e-business competences by introducing digital marketing skills in upper-secondary schools. The project will:
• Elaborate and pilot a digital marketing curriculum for teachers and students with new assessment mechanisms and digital OERs
• Adapt the MyDocumenta eportfolio to a Digital Marketing Competence Profile, allowing to show the evidences of the learning achievements & to reflect performance-based assessment as proof of the acquired skills.
• Support teachers in implementing a collaborative and innovative methodology with the use of MyDocumenta eportfolio and motivate students through practical, problem-solving learning
• Promote entrepreneurship and bridge the gap between schools and the labour market DIMAS is coordinated by MyDocumenta and with partners from Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Sweden, and will take place from 1/10/19 ‘till 30/9/21.
Co-founded by the Erasmus + Programme by the Europeann Union
With CRISS you will implement the acquisition, evaluation and certification of your students’ Digital Competence, through his Lifelong learning Eportfolio, a requirement that will be indispensable in all Primary and Secondary schools.

Teachers are responsible for planning the learning and evaluation activities and tasks. The activities and tasks will be retrieved from the CRISS official repository and Teachers can apply them in their curricula. The Students will realize the scenarios and activities by performing one or more tasks and generate evidences as a result of a task, which can be used to prove the acquisition of a specific Competence. The assessment of Digital Competence will be carried out using rubrics, that will be automatically generated by the system and customised by the Teacher.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732489.
Adapting Learning in Inclusive Communities and Environment

ALICE project intends to experiment educative and social pedagogic practices related to the application of pro-social measures aiming at involving local communities in the promotion of social inclusion of students of secondary schools, which have been selected among different EU Countries.

The ALICE Dissemination Eportfolio is the tool developed by MyDocumenta for all the project partners with the following objectives:
· to have a common, easily accessible repository of all the dissemination material
· to facilitate the follow-up of the dissemination activities by the project partners
· to familiarize the project partners with the use of an eportfolio

The advantage of using the Eportfolio is to have all the material easily accessible, and therefore facilitating the dissemination activities of all partners and increasing the impact; furthermore, it enhances the continuous monitoring of the activities.
Co-founded by the Erasmus + Programme by the Europeann Union
AMIGO is a STEM Personal Learning Environment. A comprehensive ecosystem for a personalized learning experience.

Based on the combination and extension of existing technology, AMIGO aims at developing an immersive environment that provides primary and lower secondary schools with a student centered learning approach. AMIGO integrates the six modules STEM.

IMAILE, Innovative Methods for Awards Procedures of ICT Learning in Europe, is an innovative project funded with support from the European Commission in the context of the Seventh Framework Program under Grant Agreement #619231

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