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Primary and High Schools.
Mydocumenta licenses for all users
If you need more information please write us: Features
  • Secure working space for education.
  • 100% online - Installation not required.
  • User friendly (from 8 years).
  • User creative autonomy.
  • Drag & Drop videos, images and audio files.
  • Supports all files.
  • Collaborative work, groups and hierarchies.
  • Public / Private Space.
  • Controlled and secure distribution and re-use of multimedia contents.

Hierarchies and roles:
  • Institutional administrador / School super-administrator / Teachers / Students.

3 publication levels:
  • Private / Only for your school / Public for all the community.
  • Students cannot publish Projects.

Working Groups:
  • With your students / With other users.
  • Students cannot create groups.

3 areas to share File Libraries:
  • Only with your working group / Only with your school / With all Mydocumenta community.
Space   50 GB  
Users   Minimum up to 200  
You can add more users in the dropdown purchase   yes  
Custom Logo   yes  
Personal Web address   yes  
Nš projects (pages)   unlimited  
Public / Private Space   yes  
Nš work groups   unlimited  
Nš work group members   unlimited  
Administration panels   yes  
Expandable disk space   yes  
Advertising in the pages   no    
Support   Online    

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4080 €